Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Facebook entrance into the Share Market, offering IPO

The popular social networking media Facebook after a long time cherishing time has come to the share market providing IPO to the people.The starting day is 1st February.Facebook expects to raise $100 bn stock flotation.

Morgan Stanley has got the prestigious 'Lead left' position for the handling of the deal of the Facebook beating its longtime rival Goldman Sacks(which initially thought would be in that position.).So Morgan Stanley will be the Underwriter for the IPO process  of Facebook.

Facebook's IPO seems to be the largest investment IPO on record greater   than the Google.
It is expected that in the stock market Facebook will be among the top 10 IT public limited company.Facebook will be in the position like the McDonald,, VISA incorporated,Bank of America.

In the stock market the total value of the Facebook's share is expected between 7 thousand crore Dollar to 10 crore Dollar.

Officials expect Facebook will have a strong influence in the share market.



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