share market basic knowledge

Share market is the place for the selling of the share, stock, bond, debenture. Investor here do their dealings.In the share market different companies raise their required money for the running of their companies. Big and small investors purchase those company`s share for the purpose of getting dividend or selling the share for more price than they buy.
Dividend are the return from the companies  for the shareholder. share get the dividend according to the proportion of their shares.There may be two types of dividend..

Cash dividend:here dividend is given in cash to the investor. Cheque is mailed to the share holder.

Stock dividend: here dividend is given to the share holder by increasing their existing share.


Usually invesors trade their share through various brokerage houses.Brokerage houses take commisission for the share buying and selling.From the consultant of the brokerage house investor can be informed about the best and worst shares.
Trade in the share markets are only for those who can take frequent knowledge about the share Market  

What is Good and Which is Bad Share?
Share which are from reputed company providing better dividend and classified as "A" category share are Best secured share but from B to other category except Z may be secured considering the condition of the company.Which Shares from non reputed company and providing no dividend from years to years are classified as "Z" category are in-secured share.

Is it Secured to invest in the Share market?
Yes it is secured to invest in the share market if  you have proper knowledge about the share market. You need to know about following factors

EPS : Earning per share of the company which you want to invest.

1.Market value compared to the face value of the share.

2.Financial position of the company.

3.Last year dividend of the company

4.Market capturing capability of the company

5.Profit and Loss ratio of the company

6. Dividend payout ratio

Which sorts of share seems to be secured :

1. Banking sectors
2. Investment
3. Fuel and power
4. Pharmaceutical and chemicals
5. Service
6. Tannery
7. Insurance

Which seems to be in-secured:
1.Food and allied products
2. Zute
4. Paper and printing
5. Cement
6. IT- sector
7. Ceramics 

Marketplace for the share and stock:

IPO: Initial public offering, from where the share initially bought.

Secondary market: Where the  primary share are sold and bought

Brokerage House: Which is the media for buying and selling of shares
How to invest in the share market:
Identify the profitable sector:
The foremost work to be done is that to identify the best sector. If you want to pullout the invested money in short term you need to invest into the critically moving sectors.You should not affect by the third party influence rather you should watch the whole share market carefully.Short term share investment means to pullout the invested money within 3-4 months if you work properly.
If you want the investment continuation for next generation you  need go for the long term investment which  sustain over at least 6 months.Before investment you need to know about pros and cons of the desired investment company.You need to know the dividend per year paid to the shareholder , earnings per share, pricing ratio, net earnings of the company.

Why Stock or Share price changes?:
The major concern for most of the investor about the change of the stock price.Stock price may increase or decrease.The change of stock price are due to some reasons.Those are-

1.Company earnings
2.Company growth
3.Company layoff
6.Oil price
7.Today`s market
8.Year`s market
9.Company news
10.World news
11.Chart pattern
12.Supply and demand
14.Fear and greed